This room

This room is anonymous and unremarkable. It’s like any other. But a description of the room doesn’t matter. What matters is you and I are in this room. And what is about to take place. I blindfolded you until we got here, a surprise I said. Now I’ve taken the covering off, you are blinking and unsure. I like this, I don’t want you secure, you should be slightly worried. Your unease makes you more compliant, we all like rules, boundaries and routines.

In these moments I’m setting you free into passion and suffering. I make you strip for me and I watch impassively. There is no music and I give you no sense of whether your nakedness fills me with desire or even slightly pleases me. You’ll know how I feel about you soon enough when you see how hard my cock is, already so hard for you inside my trousers. But for now you will get no such satisfaction. Just a sense of awkwardness as you stand before me. I stand and in one movement my hand is around your throat, lightly choking you. You are used to this and try to lean forward. You choke yourself more but you want to kiss me. I pull my head back slightly and hold the moment. My breath warm on your lips.


I look into your eyes and finally kiss you. I feel your body shudder, it’ll be a long time before I give you anymore satisfaction. Now I take my clothes off. Precisely and without emotion. You try to compliment me on my body and realise you’ve made a mistake. I don’t want to hear such hollow words. I know I look good, how good it feels for you when my weight is against you. When I pick you up and fuck you.


It’s time for you to realise your mistake. The pain does not come quickly for you though. I want you to feel its increments, I make you stand against a wall and slowly lower yourself into a seated position. This is called a ski sit, it’s a stress position and you know from experience that soon your legs will shake and muscles burn. But you are good and you don’t cry out, I can see you breathing quicken in pain as your eyes as our gazes meet. I don’t give you the permission to stand.


Other positions follow for time unmeasured until you eventually collapse to the floor weakened. I laugh and begin to pick you up and finally you give me what I want. I feel your spit hit my face before I hear the sound of you spitting. You bite my lip and we kiss passionately. There are no roles, rules or boundaries now. With this release of pain we are equals. Snatches of pleasure realised follow, your hand on my cock, teeth at my neck. My hand crushing a breast, my tongue at your cunt.


Pain and pleasure entwine and are accepted. Later, I bend you over and our eyes meet again as I slide my hard cock slowly into you. You shudder with the penetration and the thrusts slowly build with intensity until I’m fucking you savagely with my hand in your hair pulling your head back. You moan gutturally, part unbelieving in how hard I’m fucking you.


Soon your legs begin to shake again, but not with pain this time. I want you to come first. And many times before me. I want you to come hard and screaming. I want to see your bottom lip tremble with release as my sperm finally covers it.