About Open Sauce

How does it work?

The project starts with a stereotypical short erotic story, which you're invited to read and respond to.

 Change the bits that don't do it for you, or expand on the parts that turn you on. Just click 'Edit' to contribute your changes. It could be as simple as changing a body part mentioned, or perhaps altering characters' gender... follow your whims, and edit the story to suit you! Then, check back to see how other people respond to your version – what fantasies do they share, and what is different?

The story will evolve to reflect the tastes and desires of those who participate. It will result in a series of composite texts where many people's fantasies encounter one another.

 Why Open Sauce?

Open Sauce invites you to explore the boundaries between your thoughts & fantasies and those of other people. It experiments with open source collaboration as an alternative to solo authorship. As a radical political project, Radical X seeks to promote alternatives to restrictive 'all rights reserved' copyright and showcase examples of collaboration, sharing and open source licensing. In contrast to the way these topics are often discussed – in legalistic (predominantly male) environments focussed on software – Open Sauce experiments with the deeply human, erotic possibilities of opening up access to our creative work and allowing it to evolve into something shared.


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