Preparing to pray

I enjoy touching myself. I touch myself. I touch myself once, twice, three times a day. I mostly like touching myself in the winter, when everything is frozen and my vagina so warm. I prefer touching myself with gloves on, so that it feels like it is someone else touching myself. Sometimes I caress myself first, to calm me down,

I kiss myself, I prepare myself to pray. When I pray, I touch myself again. This time, I use a candle. Sometimes a lit one, to touch myself. It is a white long candle, which inserts me slowly. I pray loud and whisper a pray. And then you come.


You wear no gloves and you hold no candle. You do not like to pray. I take the wax and make nipple tassels, my nipples are trapped. They cannot breathe, they suffocate. You release them with your tongue, they thank your kindness and at the same time I insert a long white candle in your anus. And it is then, oh yes, it is then, that you start praying. And you do not stop until the candle has burnt and I have touched myself a thousand times.