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Rose Harvey smiles devilishly and she licks her lips seductively. Does she know Sam O'brien keeps his massive butt plugs in the drawer below the one where I keep my filthy tea towels and greasy salad servers? I find myself wondering, what he would look like on his knees in front of me,dressed as Dumbledore, his beautiful eyes watering as i whip him with my wand. You are watching in the background, Rob longingly gazing back at me through long lashes, hurt and amazed without his shirt on. I smile again and open my legs slightly before I get up, just to see the cobwebs.  The cobwebs that seemed to entangle not just my mind but my body, my heart, the very essence of what I tried to understand... these thin, fragile lengths that cut across me, tightened and bound my imagination.  Until such time as I could return completely unfettered, un-done, un touched.

I come back, watching you, watching me, knowing me, knowing you.  I sit down next to you, kiss you below your ear, my eyes on him and whisper, 'wingardium leviosa?' Is this the best we can do.  You nod. I notice him shiver softly,his penis rising as if in a breeze, like a phoenix from the ashes.

He wears his innocence like his gryffindor scarf, I get wet imagining hermione tying him up with it. I feel sensuous, like I want to get more fucked than I have ever been before in my life.

Pass me your ballet slippers, tie them around my own ice lolly dripping all over my eyelashes and stuck together.

Later, he lays between us sleeping, we all hug. I feel closer to you than I ever have before, as close as a disease, as I thrust, probingly into your secrets, reading deeper into each punctuation, each full stop is a satisfied sigh.

Physicality beyond sexuality. A fraternal touch between two comrades, the passion, the sensuality and the common goal to achieve a new dimension of lust. We are promiscuous beasts ravishing each other leaving one but a fragile wreck in a storm of emotion.

I love the both of you.

Then, suddenly, i heard a sudden knocking on the door, i thought, SHIT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? jar jar binx walks in with his floppy long ears and irregular neck.

He said... 'Exweese me, what are you doing....? Can i join?'

I said 'yeah sure baby light my fire'

and then we had sex

And then Optimus Prime said "OMGLOLWTF?BBQ!" as I unsheathed my whip and proceeded to crack it across his green scaline outer shell. His eyes became wider; with pain but also surprise. The pain subsided leading to immense uplifting joyous feelings of satisfaction.


Screams of joy were heard for miles around. Rapturous immersive sex continued all night long.

As jessica glen slept peacefully a wondering hand found its home between her thighs, patiently waiting, like a cougar, for its moment of sweet honey. Moist like apple sauce. I got a boner.

drank 100 beers, got mad crunk and fucked a bitch n shit. coz we dont luuuv them hoes!

woke up, slapped the hoe out ma bed, drank a 40, picked that bitch up and stuck her on ma dick! thug life!





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