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I find myself wondering, what he would look like on his knees in front of me,dressed as Dumbledore, his beautiful eyes watering as i whip him with my wand. You are watching in the background, Rob longingly gazing back at me through long lashes, hurt and amazed without his shirt on. I smile again and open my legs slightly before I get up, just to see the cobwebs.  The cobwebs that seemed to entangle not just my mind but my body, my heart, the very essence of what I tried to understand... these thin, fragile lengths that cut across me, tightened and bound my imagination.  Until such time as I could return completely unfettered, un-done, un touched.

watching you, watching me, knowing me, knowing you.  I sit down next to you, kiss you below your ear, my eyes on him and whisper, 'Is this the best we can do?'  You nod. I notice him shiver softly, his nipples rising as if in a breeze, like a coat hook.

I feel sensuous, like I want to get more fucked than I have ever been before in my life .

Pass me your ballet slippers, tie them around my own ice lolly dripping all over my eyelashes and stuck together.

Later, he lays between us sleeping, we all hug. I feel closer to you than I ever have before, as close as a disease, as I thrust, probingly into your secrets, reading deeper into each punctuation, each full stop is a satisfied sigh.

Physicality beyond sexuality. A fraternal touch between two comrades, the passion, the sensuality and the common goal to achieve a new dimension of lust. We are promiscuous beasts ravishing each other leaving one but a fragile wreck in a storm of emotion.

woke up. Slapped the boy out ma bed, picked that boy up and stuck him on ma dick. thug life?






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