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How sexy he looks, dressed head to toe in black, masked up, molotov in hand, his beautiful fiery eyes watering as he chases a dozen filth down a side street. I am some distance behind him. Alexis longingly gazes back at me through long tendrils of matted hair, running through the liberated streets without his shirt on.

We find each other down an alleyway: there are no cops in sight.  I kiss Alexis below his ear, my eyes on him and whisper, 'Is this the best we can do?'  You nod: "It's finally happening. Get ready for revolution my love." I notice him shiver softly, his nipples rising like an oppressed population overthrowing an autocratic ruler.

I feel sensuous, like I want to get more free than I have ever been before....

 I hold him by the neck and we enjoy a beautiful, unforgettable embrace in teh empty street. For a moment, our street. We start pull each others' clothes off, til we're down to our underwear in the street.

Suddenly, we hear the sound of smashing bottles and incoherent male voices. The battle has spilled onto our street, disturbing our precious moment. Riot police charge at protestors scarpering in our direction.

We pick up our clothes and run away from the chaos, hand in hand in our underwear. We will rejoin the battle once we've have some trauma support time.








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