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This is it...

This is it. This is it. This is the ultimate lonely fucking, individual doing, sad caressing, wonderful touching, sexual doing it alone, fucking mother fucking masturbation fantasy, which once and for all has come true.

Dear Kali Eating Me

Dear Kali,

                                                       I'm looking





                                               in your

                                                                  coils ...


Too tall for you

So, you said I am too tall for you and too short for you and too big for you and too small for you and too something and too other and I said you are perfect perfect perfect not too tall too short too big too small too something something you are perfect...


I open my eyes and I see you and the dark. I want to do two things. Keep the dark as it is and hold you tight. Hold your tiny tiny nipple breast underneath your shirt. I need to do that from time to time; it reminds me of who I am, what my name is, what my favourite dish is, where I come from.


It's like somebody put nails down beneath me - I want to jump away and leave, get the hell out of here. This is where people die. This is where they walk past the red lights and die, shattered and bleeding. So let's get our fucking clothes off and let's do this.

Deleuze, Guattari & Pervert Politics

The problem at stake in the Play!Fight! project seems to be: if perverse sexual practices and political activism are normally understood as separate sets of activities, restricted to their own non-communicating spheres, then where might we find them unified? Or if we desire such a connection, must we construct it ourselves?

Smashing shit up

Every time I walk past our letting acency's office, watching them sitting in there getting rich by ripping off the poor...


Ten Things I Hate about Discussions of BDSM on Non-Kinky Feminist Blogs

…in no particular order:

Becoming-water: Notes on revolutionary anarchomasochism

One basic physical technique in non-violent direct action (NVDA) training involves falling to the ground and relaxing to become a loose dead weight. The tactical purpose is to take more arresting officers out of action -- it can take four pairs of hands to carry a floppy horizontal body. 

My little boy

Way back in a cold winter, I remember the way he lit a fag and went up to block the police horse that was closing in on us. Just stood there, smoking, pretending like the yelling officer wasn't there.