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Direct action is sexy

There is something about being on an action that gets me aroused. Some of my favourite moments have taken place in fields and forest when our minds have been on other things as well. I'm talking of those spaces when you are lying in a ditch waiting for security or the police care to go by, watching their headlights sweep over the place where you are hiding; of the tension that builds up as you keep one ear on the radio to crackle the signal to start moving.

When the adrenalin is rushing through your body there is nothing like a half-stolen kiss with your attention torn by other demands bringing fear and excitement. These are sweet moments.

Imagine lying in a ditch next to your partner, not knowing if in the next moment someone is going to interrupt. For a few moments you have privacy where it was not expected, even with the police beams scanning the hedge. None of this is planned, but while you are pressed up against each other you can only be aware of how they feel and how good that is. Even the first fumbles as your mouths find each other are a thrill in themselves, then hands raising nipples and discovering just how aroused both of you are by the moment. The gleam of illicit pleasure in each others eyes, and illicit in every sense of the word.

Imagine hiding against a tree as other search the forest, bodies press against each other, ass pushing into groin, hands welcome against your body as the pair of you try to wrap up the other. Imagine if you will the trill of being exposed in the sunlight, having to muffle cries of pleasure in case the hunt or the police find you.

The pause as you think you might be discovered, then the urgency as you return to each other. This is not the time for elaborate sex, but a different style of wild abandonment, of passionate need that has to be satisfied in an undefined time.

Then the knowing smiles you give each other as you run to safety, catching up with the rest of your crew.

This is not to say that there are not situations when there is time to take things slower. There is often long period of when you are waiting for others to get into place. You might be those waiting in the van for the pick up, or the watchers checking for unwanted attention. The slow burn of the wait, the tension that builds up but will take a good hour or so before it is actually needed.  These have been times for exquisite moments hidden in the woods or the back of vans, an hour of absolute privacy in the outside world were we are already doing things we should not be. Having a long, sweet fuck is the icing on the cake.

What I love about these encounters is that the risks are real, the tensions are genuine, not just a story. The touching and the sex is part of a bigger adventure.


- mhicscian



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