Open Sauce: Copyright

Open Sauce celebrates the way that sexuality blurs the boundaries between one person's inner life and another. It playfully questions the notion of 'plagiarism' and embraces the erotics of cross-fertilisation, blending and borrowing.

Copyright in the Open Sauce project


The Open Sauce story is copyright-free, using the Creative Commons No Rights Reserved License to indicate that you are free to copy, remix and share it without restriction. You're free to license any remixes of the story however you want. However, any edits you contribute to the Open Sauce wiki must use theNo Rights Reserved License too. Sharing is caring!

How Open Sauce will use your edits

Radical X will never use your work without crediting you. Your edits will, however, be online for anyone else to remix and share.

Radical X is facilitating a series of events and new works based on Open Sauce, including performances and new writing, which may use your edit. Read more >>

What is Open Source?

Open Sauce plays on the term 'open source'. An open source work is one that you are free to look at, copy and re-mix with few or no legal restrictions. Most commonly associated with software, the idea of waiving copyright restrictions is becoming increasingly popular in writing, music and the arts. UK copyright law is extremely restrictive, automatically protecting every new work that is made. Open Sauce aims to highlight the problems with this approach. Not only new artworks, but our very thoughts and fantasies are drawn from the material all around us.

More about copyright alternatives

There are many different licenses you can use to give people greater freedom to make use of your work, retaining the rights that are important to you (for example, the right to be named as the author). Creative Commons is a good place to start for user-friendly info. Groups campaigning for progressive change in copyright law include Open Rights Group and Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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